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Bai Class Saha Wenath Katha

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I just realized that my dad accelerates the car when he sees someone crossing the road far ahead. He’s so awesome.

By the way, there’s this fat bastard of a cop directing traffic at the Welikada, Rajagiriya intersection who doesn’t know shit as to how not to cause traffic. Like, stopping the traffic directed towards the suburbs during the evening whilst sending the traffic into Colombo which is very light at that time & vice versa in the morning. Someone shoot that son of bitch for me? Please? kthx.


Is it just me or were the Cyanide & Happiness: Depressing Week 3 overly disgusting? I mean, I love their comics, but those were like.. faark. Anything can be made funny as George Carlin, bless his soul, made ‘rape’ sound hilarious, I guess. But then again, that incest comic was fucking weird. O_o


Fuck you, Department of Education/Examinations. Why do you buggers want to fail us? Why are your exams so bitchin’ hard? I fucking hate you. -_- We have this, oh, brilliant teacher. He teaches us “science”, right? (Science is in basic terms, biology, physics & chemistry; an all in one subject. Gay, I know. But that’s how it is in Sri Lanka.)Yeah.. So he doesn’t teach us much, but reads the government issued text book as if we’re a bunch of illiterate n00bs. Pfft. So anyway, he gives us these retarded examples, right? Like he picks on this fat dude in class who was smart, who’s a school House Prefect. The fella wasn’t there in class during some fight that had occurred during recess or something like that & his excuse was that he was in the restroom. So that became his reason to pick on the guy.

e.g:- “Now if we hadn’t had someone like <name> we’d surely have been better off, nehda?.” *faggoty smile/laugh*

The whole grade doesn’t like him much. He’s the only teacher who swears, too. xD
Most of the time he’s like, “All of you must be thinking I’m some kind of a ponnaya, no?” Bloody hilarious, I tell you.

Too bad that we’ll have to leave all those behind when we leave at the end of this year, though. I’m going to miss school. Oh.


Written by The Passenger

September 25, 2009 at 6:32 am

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  1. Heehee, n00biness. 😀
    is the science teacher with the wierd-ass walk? The one you imitated that day? That was sirra, men. xD

    She Who Eats Cookies

    September 25, 2009 at 6:55 am

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